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Listone L1000 Mini Chronograph software download

Date: 2017-11-14

 Listone L1000 Mini Chronograph

The following connection for the software download, according to user needs click to download

Main Software << click to download

Device driver for Win7 and above<< click to download

Device driver for Win98 and WinXP << click to download

Software installation steps and use common sense:

1, unzip the package, the installation of the first data line drive to be Chronograph and computer connection.

2, in accordance with the computer system to install the appropriate driver version, according to the prompt restart the computer after installation.

3, the computer and the Chronograph data lines connected, open the Chronograph data collection and analysis software.

4, Click on the software window on the "Settings" button to select the appropriate communication port COM.

5, Establish the connection between the tester and the computer, press "MODE" key to enter the Chronograph velocity or measuring bursts of state, computer software window will display the temperature and humidity, the test can begin operation at.


Special tips:

1, after the installation is complete, you must restart the computer.

2, if your computer has been installed to drive the drive or the same kind of different versions, you must first remove the original driver, restart the computer to install again, otherwise, will prompt "unable to install new hardware".

3, please do not use the other version of the same drive, otherwise it will affect the development board to use performance, make sure we provide drivers installed once before use.