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2016 HOOHA SHOW in Xindian, Taiwan

Date: 2016-08-31

2016 HOOHA SHOW was held on August 26-28 in Xindian, Taiwan.

Our new product “LTD-Driving Shooter Arrow Gun”, researched and developed with CHIEN CHU, is also on HOOHA SHOW.
With stunning outlook and high applicability, the arrow gun got a lot of attention on the show!
Actions speak louder than words. Contact our agent “CHIEN CHU” right now!!!

NOTE: Our “LTD-Driving Shooter Arrow Gun” belongs to spear gun, controlled item. But you can apply for, purchase, and own it only if you are R.O.C. national, are not prohibited from the disposal of property, have a decent job, have no criminal records, respect for human rights, and love animals.