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Brand and Trademark    

   "Cattle" is the most important partner in the olden society. As well as cattle and people are much closed relationship. Particularly, it is the best helper in the agrarian society. As if the cattle didn’t exist, the world might progress and growth so slowly. The general idea is that they work by brute force, slow and cumbersome and not by brains. In fact, cattle are naturally pragmatic, diligent, perseverant, and full of wisdom.

    Therefore, to draw on the cattle’s spirit and nature into this trademark LISTONE through entire range of product design and manufacturing. To produce and work deliberately, not reckless haste, not fluke, not take risk or tricks, and step by step to do so.As the world's major airgun supplier in Europe and U.S.A. Their core competence is to own the airgun barrel technology. As for Asia's well-known airgun brand LISTONE. We do have the same idea to develop and produce key component – barrel, for sure. After years, by developing skill and knowledge, we are now able to provide the optimized quality on airgun barrel to ensure shooting accuracy and stability. For better condition of sniper & user’s experience. With Listone’s high-precision airgun barrel, the professional managers of research and production, planning the optimal manufacturing process, and each barrel undergo the most strict quality control, carefully selected for you to pick out exquisite craftsmanship barrel to compete with barrels from the Western.Cattle surrounded rifling grooves” that means to develop products like cattle “ruminant”, repeated chewing in the stomach, again and again, to make it completely digest that would not hasty swallow. Through the excellent R&D team’s collaboration and diligent works, they think so deeply to move forward, but nothing was superfluous.

    In order to supply the exquisite air gun, we integrate the high quality materials and high precision producing process to fit in with the shooting sports. By the above conditions to work out the best accuracy air guns and relevance to REBUILT CHINESE ARTIFACT!!

 About Listone

     Through the long-term development and pour manpower and energy, now we have the own products - rifled barrel (which is comparable to European topnotch technology). As well as we have the patents for rifling process, and air rifle/pistol in PCP/CO2 systems, and pressure relieve valve. That even ensure we are capable of supplying high-quality, high-precision and the best performance-price ratio merchandise.

    In addition to technology and quality, service and customer relationship maintenance are also the unswerving goal and vision. We look forward to have the opportunity to collaborate with you in the near future. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us by phone call or E-MAIL. And we will be glad to offer the best service to you.

                                         YOU NEED IT, WE SHOOT IT!!